Opinion – Truth or Lie

Opinion - Truth or Lie

Jared Pullen

Sometimes, the truth can be hard to let out, so people feel the need to lie to escape such a situation, which morally can be wrong sometimes.

It’s always rough giving information to people sometimes. People choose a lie over giving out information that can help them out in their situation. Sometimes, however, people have to think, when is it better to tell the truth than to lie about something?

“It is always better to tell the truth,” says senior Troy Adkins. “Telling lies can snowball you into a deeper mess than before. It would be best to tell it now than later.”

Others would agree with this statement. “Always tell the truth,” says senior Traeven Shepherd, “it’s better than hurting someone or yourself later on. It can be hard to keep a lie going too.”

In my opinion, I always strive to tell the truth, but sometimes I always feel the need to lie about small stuff, such as work that needs to be completed. Generally, however, it is always best to tell the truth to people, to make you be known as a trustworthy person instead of the liar who never tells the truth to others. Never let yourself become that kind of person.