ISS for Tardies

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

Ever since senior year has came around and a new principal was established at Midland there seems to be no freedom whatsoever. My freshmen year went by like a breeze there was so much freedom from, phones not being banned, having the wifi password, and honestly being able to get away with a lot. This year they’ve gotten even stricter which has made some of senior year disappointing. I had gone my whole high school career not even getting written up until this year. I have had in school suspension and out of school three times now for tardies. At the beginning of the year it was something I couldn’t help due to my father bringing me to school and others can’t help it due to the outrageous school traffic. I don’t think we should be punished for something like that because we are still at school and if we have proof of an explanation I don’t see the justification of punishing kids for this by taking away their opportunity to learn. I don’t agree with it and it’s began to become frustrating. It’s also hit to the extreme to where there is like twenty or more kids getting in school suspension a week. It’s taking away our classroom time to learn and racking up our unexcused absences which should be on the school not the students. “I think it’s getting ridiculous and needs to end.” says senior Trinity Casto. I agree with her and want it to change.