Peer Pressure in High School

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

Peer pressure is a real and big thing throughout high school. It can be hard to deal with and it’s everywhere more then you think or realize. It shows up when you least expect it and it’s always from a certain crowd you’re with or new people you aren’t use to. It can lead to you doing something you might end up regretting and it’s hard. Throughout high school your biggest enemy is yourself because we all do things to build up our ego and what we think will benefit us. You constantly are battling with finding your true self because you always think you have to be someone your not to please the people you want to surround yourself with. We always get into this spot where we stay because it’s comfortable and I do think we should explore so that we can find ourselves. We shouldn’t let anyone decide who we are going to be we need to make that decision ourselves and not let anyone influence us negatively. “I have come to find out high school is the biggest struggle when it comes to finding your self image”, says senior Tivon Watts. You always let peer pressure get to you to please other and we shouldn’t be yourself while making your own decisions.