School lunch


Lee Blake, reporter

School lunch


School lunches have changed over the years. The cooks keep trying to feed the students more healthy food. Even though the students would rather have more tasty and flavorful food.


The government funds school lunches so that everyone has a good and hardy lunch. But the thing is that they also regulate what the cooks and schools feed us. I think that we should cut the funding and allow the cooks to feed us what we want to eat and what we think is tasty.


I asked a fellow student how they felt about school lunches and they said “I like how they are free now, but I’d rather pay for food and get something I want” said Nick. I think that they should bring back the food truck idea.


Everyone loved food trucks when they had them it allowed students to eat what they please and did not cost the school anything. Making it a win win situation for all parties. Plus is helped out the economy a the same time.


Cause we all know kids and adults would rather have food that tastes good the food that is healthy for them. With food trucks schools would need no government funding and it would also give cooks the opportunity to express themselves in a creative way.