Why You Should Go to a Concert

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

Going to concerts is one of the best type of events to go to in my opinion. I’ve only been to four so far but I’m here to tell you it is the best feeling and time to spend with someone. Seeing your favorite artist perform in the same place you are is the craziest feeling. It’s crazy because you go so long only seeing on your phone and only listening to them on your phone so to experience it in person is a whole new level. It’s the biggest rush and it’s a connection you can’t get any other way. It’s one night to be with a friend, singing your favorite artists songs, and you’re experiencing them doing what they live to do while seeing your favorite artist. Nothing will ever beat the feeling I felt when I experienced this for the first time. “Concerts are the best experiences there is nothing like it”, says graduated student Tommi Lunsford. Go out and go to a concert at least once in your life but I would recommend going more.