Fat Patty’s or Buffalo Wild Wings

Fat Patty's or Buffalo Wild Wings

Lee Blake, Reporter

Fat Patty’s or Buffalo Wild Wings


Many people argue over what place to eat is better some say Fat Patty’s and others say Buffalo Wild Wings. I wrote this paper to tell what I found out about the topic in a school setting.


I asked a few students what they thought about Fat Patty’s and they said “I love that place it is the best place around to eat” said John H and then Mike said “There is no place better around here to eat at unless you go to like Ohio”. They obviously support Fat’s.


Then I asked some students about Buffalo Wild Wings and what they thought about it. They began to say “Buffalo Wild Wings have some of the best wings I have ever put into my mouth and refuse to eat wings at any other place” Said Jack. I also asked Evan what he thought about them “I think that their choices that they have on their menu are not even comparable to anywhere else.


With the information I collected I found out that people equally like Fat Patty’s and Buffalo Wild Wings. Making the argument completely dumb because people love both so you cannot say one is simply better than the other it would make it your opinion.


In my opinion both of the places are a great place to eat and take your family to they both offer a great menu and allow you to not have to cook a meal.