Half Day


Lee Blake, Reporter

Half day


Since this is my senior year I only needed 3 core classes Math, History, and English. So I figured I would just go half day this year.

The start of the year I told my mom I was going to go half day and she said no. I thought maybe I could talk some since in to her and she would allow me to half half day. She said I could take Marshall classes or stay at Cabell Midland. I chose to just stay here all day.


It sucks that I do not get to go half day but I just get to hang out with my friends a little more each day now. Looking back now I’m glad I did not go half day because I have made so many new friends this year.


People try to rush through High School never really wanted to do that cause I’m not going to college so this is my last your to just hang out with people and not really do much.


Plus, if I would have gone half day I would be so bored everyday cause I would have nothing to do. I even go offered a job if I went half day I would have been building houses and making money and my mom still made me turn down the offer.


Really I did not want to go half day I just did not want to take anymore then then the three hard core classes that were required. So instead I took like two gym classes.