5 things to do with friends this Christmas Break

Zac Backus, Reporter

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Ah, Christmas break. Finals are over, school is over, it is pretty chilly out, and we are bored. After the rush of Christmas there is about five days before new years, but what do we do during this time? I have compiled a list to find out. Here are five things to do during this awkward time between Christmas and New Years.

  1. Have a Friendsmas/New Friend Years, or just hang out with some friends. If you’re bored, there is a chance that your friends might be bored as well. Go hang out!
  2. Go Snowboarding/Skiing! Snowshoe National park is super fun and amazing for skiing and snowboarding. Go get some friends or just go with family and hit the slopes!
  3. Watch some movies or binge watch some shows. Get with some friends, turn on Netflix and get some hot chocolate for a cozy day with a good show. (Writers Recommendation: Parks and Recreation.)
  4. Go see the lights! As mentioned in one of my previous stories, Fun things to do this Holiday Season, Holiday sight-seeing is a big thing to do. Some people are too lazy and haven’t taken down their lights, and places like Gallipolis and Ashland Ky still have theirs up.
  5. Spend some time with your family. Spending time with the people who love you the most will be amazing and wholesome.