Top Reads for Teens During the Break


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

“No one reads books nowadays!” is probably the first thing that comes out of your mouth when you read the title.

Reading is a great way to explore new things and new worlds. Reading gets your imagination going and you can discover and learn things you would have never known. It’s a fun past time and a way to calm yourself down after a stressful time, like finals.

An author I highly recommend is John Green. Any book he writes is wonderful and worth reading. After you read one of his books like The Fault in Our Stars or Paper Towns You can watch the movie after and see how different you imagined the characters to who they are in the movie.

I love books and tv shows and I go crazy over them. I become obsessed and I can never have enough. If you’re like me a book I would recommend reading is a book called Fangirl. It. truly shows the life of a fangirl.

Another book to read is 13 Reasons Why. Everyone knows about this book by now, it’s about a girl who kills herself and leaves 13 reasons why she did it. There is a show that goes with the book, but I don’t recommend watching the show if you get easily triggered. This story should show teenagers why they shouldn’t kill themselves. The pain does go away, it doesn’t last forever.

A story to help you appreciate who you are is the Uglies series. These books are about a girl who goes to the future and learns about how “ugly” teen girls are turned into “pretty” girls.

Lastly, another series to read is The Vampire Diaries, this series is very different from the tv series. So if you have already seen the tv show, it’s still fun to read the actual books and see how many differences are in it.