Shows to Binge on Netflix


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

During Winter break most of us are probably going to be watching tv 24/7. Binging tv is a fun past time, but because we do it so much, we don’t have anything to watch after awhile.

The first show on Netflix I would recommend watching is The Flash. It’s a superhero show about a guy who can run really fast and so he decides to help the world with his new found power. If you like this show you should also watch the other shows on The CW about DC superheroes. All four shows connect in some way, so it’s best to just watch them all!

Another show to binge would be The Vampire Diaries. It’s a fun show to binge for teenage girls because everyone loves vampires. Then after you finish that show you should watch The Originals, which is the spin-off to The Vampire Diaries. More guys would enjoy The Originals more.

What I’ve been binging right now is Criminal Minds. This show has 12 seasons on Netflix and it’s the perfect show to binge. It’s a great show to watch if you like crime shows. Even if you’re just interested in Psychology and how killer’s brains work.

A very popular show that everyone likes right now is Riverdale. I personally don’t like this song, but almost all my friends love this show. It’s a murder mystery sort of thing that these high schoolers try to solve mysteries and the killer always ends up being one of their dads. Sorry, I basically ruined it, but you still don’t know who’s dad!