New Year’s Horoscopes


Tessa Spurlock , Reporter


2019-This year you will have the ability to understand someone or something that has been confusing to you in the past. Learn all you can before the fog of the later in the year rolls in. Don’t be surprised if you start losing or misplacing things between June and August. The end of the year is all about relationships. If you need to apologize, do it.


2019- You have a really hard time keeping quiet on Mondays and Tuesdays. If you have something to say, you’re probably going to say it no matter who it will offend! You are in complete control of your own destiny between Wednesdays and Fridays. If you aren’t feeling well over the weekend, tell someone. Illnesses or injuries should be addressed on the weekends.


2019-  January arrives in a whirl of intensity. There’s a palpable charge in the air, and it feels like it’s pulling you past the point of no return. Ready or not, you’re going all the way in-or out-Gemini. This month will bring two of the best things that will happen to you this year. This is the year is change for you and you are ready for it.


2019- Relationships are high up on the agenda as 2019 begins, especially in January. This is the year you say how you feel, are you ready for it? As difficult as it is it’ll be good year for you. It’s a lifelong learning curve for you as the zodiac’s ultimate giver. This year, you’re being propelled to build more mutual connections—in love, friendships and work.


2019-January marks a major turning point as you round out a two-year chapter that’s helped you reinvent your personal identity and relationships. This year is all about you and becoming yourself. You’ve found your voice and you need to use it to help others. Hopefully you’ve stepped into a powerful role that suits your fierce sign—or just unapologetically started being yourself.


2019- Who says the party has to end, Virgo? January promises to be one of your most passionate and playful months. Right now you’re as far from being a stereotypical Virgo as it gets, preferring spontaneity to tightly edited New Year’s resolution lists. Don’t fear you’ll go straight back to typical-Virgo mode and be ready for all manner of self-improvement missions. 2019 is the year of planning for you. You’ll also want to keep your friends closer as you go into 2019.


2019- Don’t take the Christmas cards down yet! Your sentimental side will linger well into January, as the first three weeks of the month are peak domestic season for you every year, Libra. Even if you’re not one to keep the tree and lights up until your floor is a carpet of brittle brown needles, your emotions are still a little fragile and in need of TLC. So 2019 is the year you should take some time for yourself.


2019-Don’t let the party end! Your social spirits continue well into the third week of January—and you won’t be ready for full-on winter hibernation until after January. This year will be full of fun filled times. Don’t stop enjoying every moment of it. You will have a great year and just keep your eye on the prize.


2019-Get ready to take 2019 by storm, Archer. This is poised to be one of your most dynamic year in a long time and it starts from Day One! Welcome a fresh starts and new friends, which just happen to be a few of your favorite things! Take this year by the horns and take control of what you want.


2019-Talk about making an entrance! This is your year and you are ready for it! If you haven’t committed to any clear resolutions yet, don’t worry! This powerful year will act as your official New Year’s resolution, throwing you into the spotlight whether you’re ready for it or not.


2019-Ease your way into 2019, as gently as you can. Going straight from celebration to hibernation is what your system naturally wants to do. But this go-round, that might not be so easy. 2019 will be a challenge for you but if you stick to your plan for the year it’ll all turn out how it should.