Winter Activities

Joshua Biser, Co-editor

As the winter season begins to take full effect, people are often driven indoors to escape the cold weather.  This doesn’t have to prevent outdoor activities entirely, however.  Snowy winter days create the ideal outdoor winter environment, and allow for interesting outdoor activities that can’t be done any other time of year.


  1. Visiting one of West Virginia’s many ski resorts

Being a more mountainous region of the United States, West Virginia is home to many different ski resorts.  While active for all seasons throughout the year, these resorts thrive as the winter season begins.  These places have a lot to offer, such as spa’s a snowmobile tour, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and so much more.


  1. Cass

Formerly a lumber town, Cass has been reopened as a more tourist oriented destination, located in Pocahontas County.  The main attraction of Cass is the ability to take a train ride through the mountains of WV, even in one of the original locomotives run on the line.


  1. Capitol Market

Located in Charleston, the Capitol Market sells a lot of gourmet foods and agriculture in a more traditional means than today’s standards.  Seasonal items are sold, such as pumpkins, Christmas trees, flowers, and other plants, so be sure to check it out year-round.


  1. Outdoor Activities

With the season of winter approaching, there are certain activities that have been a part of winter for a very long time.  Things like making a snowman or having a snowball fight are a large part of the winter aesthetic, and are just as fun to partake in as they are to observe.  Even for those who don’t enjoy the outdoor aspects can enjoy just the view of the winter storm covering the ground with a white blanket.  A lot of the appeal from winter just comes from the way it looks, as well as the idea of gathering by the fire with those you care about.