Stealing Is Wrong


Maddy Adkins, staff reporter

As many may know, stealing is wrong. Whether it’s a dollar from your mom or a million dollars from a bank, it’s still not okay to do.

A woman in Lakewood, California was expecting go to Starbucks for a drink and go on with her day. Later that night, she received a message stating that $212 had been used at a grocery store known as Ralph’s. Upon further investigation, she found out that the barista that she handed her card to through the drive thru had stolen her card information when she went to “get the receipt.” As a Starbucks employee myself, there are rules about handling customers money and helping them have the best experience possible. At the Starbucks I work at, we are never allowed to travel with a customers card from the drive thru, even if it is to get a receipt.

After Juana Martinez, the victim of theft, discovered what had happened to her money, she told Starbucks corporate advisers and the police at once. She also decided to go back through the drive thru the next day to confront the 19-year-old theft about her actions. ” You took a copy of my card on New Year’s Day. You know what you did, right?” says Martinez during the confrontation. The barista admitted to what she had done, apologized and pleaded for the woman not to press charges. Martinez was fed up stating ” You come here for drinks, not to get robbed!”

The 19-year-old has since been fired for her actions.