Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

This week on January 9 students at Cabell Midland began scheduling for next year and the sophomores and juniors were given “Together We Can” t-shirts.

Scheduling is an important part of every school year, although it can be a stressful part as well for many students. Junior Taylor Stevens says she believes the hardest part of filling out her new schedule is finding a good balance of hard and easy classes.

“I think the hardest part of scheduling is figuring out a happy medium between hard and easy classes,” said Stevens.

Students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of different classes as well as their academy based electives to help them prepare for a career in the future. They are also encouraged to talk to their counselors if they have any concerns or questions about their schedule.

“Something I would change about the way we schedule would be organizing the booklet better so it’s less confusing,” said Stevens.

There’s no doubt the rising seniors are excited and maybe a little nervous about their final year of high school approaching, but they will certainly have a lot of advantages being the oldest kids in school.

“The thing I’m looking forward to the most senior year is going to football games,” said Stevens.

At the scheduling assembly the sophomores and juniors were also given “Together We Can” t-shirts, which were designed by the Graphic Design Program students at the Cabell County Career Technology Center as a part of their campaign for students to graduate.

“To motivate people to graduate I would say, you’ve gotten this far, so why give up now?” said Stevens.