New Year’s Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

New Year’s resolutions always make many people look forward to start a major change in their lifestyle, whether it’s exercising, finding a hobby or traveling to new places. However, most people who plan their resolutions for the New Year never go through with it and usually quit within a few months.

Not everybody will plan resolutions beginning the year, to those that do, they have a certain goal. Going through the process may not be as easy as people think. Senior Beamlak Kuma expresses how she feels about the New Year resolution tradition.

“I like doing it because it makes me feel like I’m pushing myself,” said Kuma.

Kuma gave her resolution to start 2019.

“I would like to become better organized to make things easier for me,” said Kuma.

There are many reasons as to why more people give up on their resolutions after the first two or three months.

Kuma gives a reason as to why this happens.

“People aren’t driven to the point where they put effort in after the first few months of the New Year since there is nothing motivating them,” said Kuma.

One of the most well recognized resolutions for the New Year is to be better in health and physical shape.

Kuma names of the most popular and trending resolutions in recent years.

“Losing weight is what most people try to do, increasing in popularity within the last few years,” said Kuma.

Statistically, most gym memberships beginning in the New Year increase rapidly, but begin to decline sharply as time goes. There are a wide variety of factors as to why this occurs, but the main point is that people stop putting in the effort.

Kuma believes that New Year’s resolutions are a valuable way to better yourself in the future for the year.