Welcome Back Students!

Welcome Back Students!

Ruth Brown, reporter

The second semester of the school year started back on Monday, January 7th of 2019. Students came into school, received a new schedule, then went on to their new classes; while some students kept the same schedules.

Many students say that they had a fantastic time during the holiday break. May went to visit families, while others stayed and their families came to them.

Freshman Beonca Bailey says. “I stayed home for the break but my favorite time during the break was just being with all of my friends and family.”

A lot of students got big and expensive gifts. For example, many received a phone. Some got little and inexpensive gifts, like clothes and jewelry.

Freshman Austin Ellis says, “I got a virtual reality headset for Christmas from my brother. I know how much they can be and my brother gave me his.”

Now that students are back in classes, they now have to get back into the same routine of getting up early and being in school for eight hours a day. Many of the students have to get to know their new classmates.

Only one more semester until the summer is here. For now, welcome back to school, students.