Thoughts about first semester at Cabell Midland

Julianne LaFon, Reporter

Happy New Year everyone!! As the first semester ends the second one starts. Many students have a great first semester at Cabell Midland and hope that it continues on into the second semester.

“My first semester went pretty good. I met a lot of new friends, had good teachers, have learned a bunch of new things, and made some great memories,” said Louden Bennett.

“My first semester at Cabell Midland was very good. I made good grades, all my teachers were good and it was overall a good start  to High School,” said Karleigh Morrone.

Most people would think that 6th grade is easier than 9th but in some cases that is not the case.

” If you are talking about drama, fights, and classes 6th grade was a lot easier, but with 9th grade there is a lot more drama and fights. The classes get harder, but we have more freedom so I feel like that makes 9th grade a little easier.” said Bennett

“The way my first semester of high school compared to my first semester of Middle School, is just that the work is a lot harder. In high school I made friends a little bit quicker than I did in middle school, and I think it’s mainily because there are so many new people,” said Morrone.

In school people can have good and bad experiences. Some of those experiences can be hilarious and others can be so bad that you never want to talk about them again. Some might end up being the first time you got in trouble and some might be about your first boyfriend. Doesn’t matter what kind they are, they will always stick with you. Some people might only have bad experiences.

” I have had both good and bad experiences but the one that has stuck with me the most is the bad one. My bad experience is that I got into a fight because of all kinds of drama that happens and ended up getting suspended for 10 days,” said Bennett. “The good thing was that I passed.”

Other people only have good experiences.

“ In my first semester I had many good experiences. All the new friends I made helped make it more enjoyable,” said Morrone.

Have a great second semester everyone, I hope it is full of good memories.