Does Midland have a vaping problem? How bad are they really?


Julianne LaFon , Reporter

Vapes, are they worse than cigarettes? Do they have the same affects or does one have worse affects? Vapes seem to be taking over the population of teens to young adults.

As some of you know people do vape at Cabell  Midland, and people get caught with them. Now some people might think that the principals are doing a good job with taking them and getting the students to stop, but others think differently.

” No, I feel like the principals and teacher could do better because they know where students do it, but yet no one really gets caught. The punishment is not enough and principals only take them when they are seen ” said Jaelyn Mckinney.

Vapes to some people look cool and some people think that it will make them look cooler, of course there are other people that remember the affects and health issues vapes will cause.

” It’s bad for you, it’s not cool, and one Juul pod is equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes ” said Isabelle Moye. ” Teenagers are just putting their health down the drain, it’s useless. It’s something stupid that causes health problems both now and later.”

People at Midland vape, both inside the school and outside. Sometimes in class, maybe sometimes in hall, and even when they are leaving school.

” On average I saw at least 10 kids the first semester vaping, this semester so far I haven’t seen anyone, but it’s not good. It might be a low number that I have seen, but I know there is way more than that at Midland vaping” said Mckinney.

Vapes they aren’t the best for body and for your health, but still kids buy them and use them when their friends ask if they want to try it.

” No, I wouldn’t try a vape because I know of the terrible things it could do to me” said Moye, ” I don’t want to put all my health down the drain.”

Vapes… RUIN lives. All it takes is that one time, that one time can ruin your life, ruin everything that you have worked so hard to get. If you vape, stop! Spend that money on something else, something that can enhance your life not ruin it.