Best things to do at a Ski Resort during Winter

Julianne LaFon , Reporter

Winter is here and you know what that means…. SNOW!!!!! Here are the top ten things to do at a Ski Resort.

  1. Skiing obviously, you can’t go to a ski resort without skiing.
  2. Snowboarding, so if you don’t like skiing you have snowboarding at least.
  3. Sledding, soooo if you don’t like skiing or snowboarding you can go sledding. Just watch out for the people that ski and snowboard.
  4. Ice Skating is it a fun thing to do when out on a date on a cold Winter Day.
  5. Build an Igloo, although it maybe be hard in the end it will be a fun place to sit in.
  6. Build a snowman, if the igloo is too hard build a new friend.
  7. Spend time with your family and away from your phone.
  8. Explore nature, go on a hike and explore the resort.