Opinion – Seatbelts

Jared Pullen

When you’re driving on the roads, you are usually told to put on a seatbelt. Uncomfortable, yet very protective in the case of a crash. Yet, people try to not wear one, thinking they won’t get into a crash or injured in any way. With the amount of people who refuse to wear a seatbelt, there does come a thought. Should wearing a seatbelt be illegal or not?

“Yes, you should wear a seatbelt,” says senior Troy Adkins. “It endangers your life while on the road. What if you do get into a crash without one on?”

You should have one on, “says senior Isaiah Shepherd, “since it is a safety hazard not having one on.”

Most would agree: a seatbelt should always be worn, just in case a crash would happen. Simply removing your seatbelt would be reckless and dangerous, even being fatal at times.