Opinion – Violent Video Games

Jared Pullen

When you go out to your local GameStop and attempt to buy a M-rated game, you are told to give an id. These games are fairly brutal, having adult-ish themes within them, yet kids and teens still want to play them. Most kids, with the exposure of the internet, have seen this kind of stuff, and want to play it for themselves, usually having a parent consent to buying the game. Should teens be allowed to buy violent video games?

“Yes, considering what we have on TV,” says senior Troy Adkins. “We have the same stuff, if not worse, on the TV, yet we don’t restrict that.”

“It honestly depends on the teen,” says senior Isaiah Shepherd. “If someone comes in looking edgy, then they probably shouldn’t sell them the game.”

Personally, teens should be able to handle Mature-rated games. There’s violent topics, yet with how often teens are on the internet, teens are just used to seeing such violent things.