Opinion – Fast Food at School

Jared Pullen

Typically, you would hear students complain about the quality of school food, with the food usually tasting bland or straight up bad in the case of being healthy. If there was not a restriction on how healthy school food should be for students, should companies such as McDonalds or Taco Bell be set up inside or with trucks outside the school to sell food to students?

“No, the food we get is perfectly fine,” says senior Troy Adkins. “As long as we get food, we will survive.”

“No, the food they have is just unhealthy,” says senior Isaiah Shepherd. “I would rather eat the pretty good school food instead of getting fat.”

I wouldn’t mind choice days for fast food to be brought down to eat, but it should only be on special days, maybe on a pep assembly day or a big game day. Otherwise, the food that we have is usually edible, and somewhat tasty.