Is going half-day right for you?

Is going half-day right for you?

Zac Backus, Reporter

Hate the daily grind of 8am-3pm school, five days out of the week? Wish there was a way to leave early and go home and get started on some online college courses, or pick up some more hours at work? Well lucky for you there’s a solution; Go half day.

Going half day is something quite a few students do so they can work more or take an online course to get a head start on college, and many people love it. Most half-day students report better grades, mental health and overall state of mind.

“My grades have never been better,” Said senior Ashley Haycraft. “I don’t mind coming to school anymore.”

Half-Day is only available to qualifying seniors who have most of their credits to graduate. You must have a job or have enrolled in a Marshall course (Online or on-campus)  and have approval from your counselor.

“I no longer feel stressed out having to deal with school and work,” said Haycraft “I can work more and on the days I don’t work, I have that time to myself to do homework and relax.”

The earliest students can leave is after their fourth mod, but many leave after fifth or sixth. If you leave early to go work at a job, you must turn in pay stubs monthly to your required counselor in order to continue leaving half day.

If you are interested in going half day your senior year and wonder if you qualify, go talk to your counselor today.