Winter Snacks

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

When it’s cold and snowy outside everyone loves to stay on the couch watching Netflix or maybe reading a book with a nice warm drink or snack. Here are five snacks that are perfect for keeping you warmed up this season.

1. Hot Chocolate

Although this is technically a drink, it still does a good job at warming people up, and you can never go wrong with this delicious beverage.

2. S’mores

Everyone knows these are super easy to make; just take graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, and you’re ready to go! While s’mores are often seen being eaten around a campfire, a cozy fireplace works just as well.

3. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Brownies

This recipe is simple to make and you can easily find it on Pinterest. Combine the savory flavor of hot chocolate with a hint of yummy peppermint.

4. Hot Chocolate Cookies

This recipe can also be found on Pinterest and creates a chocolate cookie with chocolate syrup in the middle and a big marshmallow on top!

5. Snow Cream

This snack won’t necessarily warm you up but it’s so fun to make! All you need is some fresh snow, vanilla extract, milk, and cream to make this treat that the whole family will love.

These are some winter snacks that are easy to make and are guaranteed to taste amazing!