Government Shutdown


Summer Boling, Reporter

With the government pulling into its 34th day of being shutdown, many are left wondering what’s to come in the next few days. As of today, January 24th, bills are being passed that aim to bring things as close to normal as possible. However, the question remains of if these bills will even pass through the currently gridlocked administration.

Due to this, many people are starting to go without pay for whats just reached over a month, forcing people to scrape for extra money. As of yesterday gov officials warned that the shutdown could last much longer than expected, as neither side is willing to abandon its original ideals. This demand for conformity is only hurting the citizens that officials insist they are protecting.

With no end in sight, many are advising that people begin looking for extra support, especially if income is based in a government job. It’s highly suggested that food banks and back-up programs are at least put into mind.