Apps Every Teen Should Download

Apps Every Teen Should Download

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Teenagers are rarely seen in public without a cellphone nearby. We all know these phones are likely to cause issues, but some innovative apps on these phones can actually improve the life of a teenager more than it could harm it.



Stoop is an app that brings all the daily subscription news to one inbox without cluttering your email’s inbox. All of the subscriptions you sign up for – TheSkimm, 5 Things from CNN, etc., it’s all sent directly to the app! Most of the articles you receive are only 3-5 minute-reads, a super easy way to start your day and stay informed!


Word of the Day

This app provides you with a brand new word that’s rather uncommon every single morning. You can set a reminder to learn the word and try to use it throughout the day! Not only is if fun to challenge yourself to utilize the new word, you’re building your vocabulary for the SAT and ACT too!



Yes, it is required to learn a foreign language at Cabell Midland. A super simple way to get ahead? Duolingo! This app takes the task of learning a language and makes it so much simpler with starting you off easy, then working you towards the more difficult aspects to any language you choose!


Family Organizer

It’s hard to keep track of everything you need to do. That’s why this app makes this so much easier for the entire family! Simply download the app, connect with the rest of the family, and start adding your plans. Alert your family of an event they need to attend days ahead of time and make sure everyone knows when they need to keep themselves available.



Brella is your own personal weather and fashion designing app rolled into one. Start off by typing in your preferences – wear jeans when it’s lower than 65 degrees – and then Brella does the rest for you! Every morning, wake up to a notification reminding you to wear gloves today because it’s supposed to snow or to pack some sunglasses because it’s a clear day today!