Is Another Teacher Strike Possible?


Dylan Jenkins

Midland’s Flag 2018

Summer Boling, Reporter

The massive strike last year that was expected to ensure a better environment for teachers statewide isn’t going to die easy.

Instead, controversy has again sparked as the legislature has not only started denying the worth of it’s teachers again, but also started going against the promises made last year. While they have promised a “vote” on these policies, this vote has been rescheduled, and almost disregarded.

While this will indefinitely strike a response, many worry that students are in for yet another extended strike as the legislature repeatedly tests waters. While personally, a strike would only lead to a better opportunity, many believe that the states reputation is a stake.

Specifically, the concern that schools across the state will again shutdown. Parents, especially of younger children are highly against this, as it not only endangers those less fortunate, but also disadvantages parents that lead busy lives.

However, given current situations, things are looking towards another strike, regardless of what it may cost.