Allergy Season Worsens

Ruth Brown, reporter

This winter season has been a season of alternating hot and cold days. Some days have been as high as 60 degrees and other days have been as cold as in the teens.

A common problem with the mass changes in the season is seasonal allergies. For a person with this problem, the most likely face symptoms of a runny nose, a lot of sneezing, dry throat, and even chapped lips.

There are a lot of medicines to help with these pesky seasonal allergies.

Some of those medicines include pills, liquids, nasal sprays, and even chap sticks for those torn lips.

There are many types of medicine out there for seasonal allergies that claim that they are the best and will get rid of your allergies five minutes after you take them, like Allegra.

The question everyone keeps asking is: which medicine is truly the best medicine to use?

It depends on the person for which is best. The best medicine for me is Claratin.

Let me hear your opinion.

What is the best allergy medicine?