NTI Days

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

The first snow days of the year, also known as Non-Traditional Instructional Days, have finally arrived along with the icy weather. Most students at Cabell Midland are happy about this, but being out of school doesn’t necessarily mean a break from doing work.

While getting a day or two off school is exciting for every student, NTID ensures they will have plenty of work to keep them busy. Junior Emily Alexander shared her thoughts about it, saying she doesn’t like having to do work on her days off.

“I don’t like having to do work on our days off school. We should be able to just relax,” said Alexander.

NTID has recently become something that multiple counties are using, to prevent students from having to make up extra snow days at the end of the year. Teachers can conveniently post their assignments for the day on Schoology. It makes sense to do a little extra work to avoid taking days away from summer break, but some people seem to miss the days when snow days were just for having fun.

“My favorite thing to do when we have snow days is watch Netflix and drink hot chocolate,” said Alexander.

Many people believe that Cabell County can be strict sometimes when it comes to calling off school for hazardous weather. There have been times when almost every county in West Virginia has closed their schools except this one.

“I think Cabell is a little strict about making us come to school. Some people’s roads are a mess and they can barely make it to school sometimes,” said Alexander.

While a polar vortex is currently making its way through the nation, the question on every student’s mind is, how many snow days are we going to get this year?

“Honestly I don’t think we’re going to get many snow days,” said Alexander.