CMHS Archery Tournament: Round Two


Stephanie Blake

Cabell Midland’s Archery Team 2018-2019

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

On January 12, 2019, Midland’s archery team took their second trophy home. Placing in second of many teams throughout the night at Buckhannon Upshur Middle School, the team is proud to have taken home this win. Not only did the team win second place for the second time this season, one of the captains, junior, Alex Laverty, took 4th place overall for high school males.

The team is proud of their win, pushing through the snow and rough weather conditions to make it to this tournament, and coming out near the very top.

Not only did the team have a fantastic time shooting at the tournament, they bonded even further on the bus ride back home. Complete with karaoke, glowsticks, a few pranks, and even one member buying the team 100 chicken nuggets from McDonalds, the team claims they’ve never been closer to their teammates.

“We had a great time!” claims junior, Mckenna Nixon. “We may have taken 2nd place, but we all felt like winners tonight!”