CMHS Archery Team Takes Home 5th Place


Elizabeth Simmons

Cabell Midland’s Archery Team 2018-2019

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Midland’s archery team went to Louisville, KY, on January 19 to compete against 31 other high school teams from the tristate area. This included public schools, county-wide teams, charter schools, private schools, and even a few home-schooling academies. The team left early that morning and anticipated being home around dinner time. However, that’s when things got interesting.

After the second flight of archers finished and were scored, then added to the team’s overall score, the team was in 2nd place. The coach decided the team should stick around, just in case the team needed to accept a trophy on behalf of the school.

The team then left for dinner and had been bumped to 3rd place by Scott County’s second team. Yes, you read that correctly. Their second team.

Upon returning, the team was still in 3rd place. They waited anxiously for the announcement to come. Then, the coach returned with the new scores and announced the team was departing. They had been bumped to 5th place by the last two high school teams that had just finished.

“Today was an awesome day for our team,” said coach, Jonathan Clemins. “the entire team performed great and together we scored our highest score for the past several years. Regardless of where we finished we set a new benchmark score and standard for us to beat at the next tournament.”

The team finished only 9 points behind 4th place and 148 from first, this was truly a new best for the team overall!