Breakout Artists to Watch Out for in 2019

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Music surrounds us 24/7, and we all like to stay up-to-date with the music we listen to and blare at our parties. Of course, you can always rely on the typical Ariana Grande and Drake, or you could even take some throwbacks from Taio Cruz and Gym Class Heroes. However, wouldn’t you rather be the first to play some of the up-and-coming artists of the year?

Some of the best artists right now are specializing in alternative genres and keeping with some of the typical beats and some better lyrics.

1. Alec Benjamin

Singer-songwriter, Alec Benjamin already has a few hits including Water Fountain and Let Me Down Slowly that he aired last year, but he’s already going on tour through Europe this month! He’s quickly become a breakout artist for teens and young adults worldwide.

2. James TW

James released quite a bit of new music in the past few years, including songs Say Love, Black and Blue, and Different. He’s got catchy beats and great messages behind all of his songs!

3. AJR

This alternative group has a wide selection of tunes to blast, ranging from My Calling and Infinity to Burn This House Down and their hit from 2017, Weak. Since their hit in 2017, they’ve been forgotten by most, but fans still rage on for a new hit!