What to Watch During Your NTIDs!


Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

We all know that we put off the work out teachers assign on NTIDs instead of doing them on the day as we should, so what do we all do instead? Well… we eat, sleep, maybe read if we feel like it… clean? Possibly even just stare at a wall… and… oh yeah! We binge-watch Netflix!

Here are some great underrated shows you might want to binge on Netflix over your 5-day weekend:

1. Greenhouse Academy

In this thriller of a show, two teenage siblings are accepted into a top-of-the-line academy in which they just may find some hidden secrets alongside their new friends and possibly partners. It’s a must-see show and a new season is set to launch soon!

2. The Good Witch

In this show, Cassie Nightingale owns a business filled with essential oils and the likes in which she sells the items to those in need of assistance. However, when the new doctor moves in next door, things get complicated.

3. Merlin

In this show by BBC, follow the tale of the famous Merlin and King Arthur through the classic tale of the Sword in the Stone and face Morgana herself alongside Lancelot and the Knights of the Round Table.