Record Winter Season


Ruth Brown, reporter

This winter has been completely frigid. Within this last week, there have been extremely low temperatures, most of which could be considered deadly. All fifty-five counties of the state of West Virginia has called off school because of this weather on Thursday, January 31, 2019.

On late Wednesday going into Thursday morning, temperatures dropped as low as zero degrees, with a wind chill of at least negative fifteen degrees. During the day on Wednesday, there was frigid and intolerable temperature and freezing winds.

Thursday got a little warmer, though it was only in the twenties. The weather is a little more tolerable to go out in, but it is still recommended to stay in as much as you can.

This is only in West Virginia, but in the northern states, there are deadly and extremely dangerous temperatures, even record-breaking. This cold weather has killed at least eleven people and prevents millions of people from getting out of their homes.

Next week is supposed to warm up significantly, going into the sixties.