Super Bowl


Lee Blake, reporter

The Super Bowl is a crazy time of the year for everyone. All the hype around this time of the year puts people in a great mood and a happy mindset. The game allows people to enjoy time with family and friends while watching the game they love.

Even if people do not like to watch football some people watch the game to see all the crazy commercials. Major companies use the air time on that Super Bowl sunday to showcase there new goal and features for the new season or the upcoming months. The commercials tend to be funny to grab the attention of the views. I myself watch the game for both the football and the commercials.

I asked a student how they feel about Super Bowl Sunday and they said “I love all the excitement and food that comes with the game”(Cameron B). This seems to be a common idea because I feel the same way.

I also asked my friend Mike what he thought about Super bowl Sunday “I love the game of football and I love food therefore I love Super Bowl Sunday”. So I would say that the day of the Super Bowl holds a special place in all people lives for various reasons.

I think that if we had more Super Bowls in a year that more people would be happier and more entertained. I also believe people would be more productive at work cause they would have something to work for that way they would not have to think about work on they day off to relax and watch football.