Lift Kits give vehicles more height and ground clearance


Lee Blake, reporter

Lift Kit


Some people think that lifted vehicles and stupid I think completely different I love lifted stuff. A lift kit is simply something that gives a stock vehicle more height and ground clearance.

I myself have owned a lifted 1982 chevy K10 with a 6 inch lift and 35 inch tires. And a lot of people said it looked awful. Taylor said “Your truck looks like crap and i would never ride in it”.

I chose to not care what people said about it cause I love lifted stuff. I now drive a 2001 Jeep Wrangler with a 4 inch lift and 33 inch tires. And again some people like it and some do not.

Although more people tend to like the way the jeep looks more so than my truck. Cameron said “I love your jeep so much that I want my jeep to look like yours”. Some people love lift kits and others do not as for me I will never own a vehicle without a lift kit.

Lift kits do not just change the height of a vehicle it changes the whole looks of the vehicle. I love being custom and different the others and enjoy setting myself apart from others.