Lee Blake, Reporter

Off road


When going off road there is no specific rules or guidelines it is simply have fun and be safe. That is why so many people love it I think. Because they can go out in whatever they want and have fun cause when off roading there is no vehicle requirements to follow you can literally bring whatever you want to play in.


I typically bring what I drive everyday which is not recommended because if you wreck or break it then you have nothing to drive around. If someone is looking to get into off roading I would recommend buying an old beater jeep or something light and easy to fix. It will just make life easier when things break when on the trails.


John said “I love hitting the trails with my bro’s for a fun day out” I would have to agree trail riding is a great way to meet new people and have tons of fun.


I first started getting into off roading at age 16 cause that is when i could go by myself and hit trails with friends. I had to be careful though cause if i wrecked or broke something then it was my own responsibility to get it home and fix it.