Non-traditional school days affect students in Cabell County

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

The snow break has messed us up badly. Not just students but also staff and parents. It messes with work schedules, sleeping schedule and a bunch of others. Some of us also could not get online to do the assignments assigned to us on schoology. it made it where parents had to take days off to watch kids or get a baby sitter. We missed tests and a bunch of assignments. It messed up my sleeping schedule along with others.

Freshman Lilly Fay Bass said she is glad we had the break because it also helped us get caught up on missing assignments and missed day work. “I had a doctors appointment during a school day, It is a good thing we did not have school. I hate missing class, I always feel like we have huge assignments when I miss and it is always hard for me to catch up to my other classmates and It is hard to understand what the teacher is saying and trying to explain it to me briefly.”

Freshman Skyler Balagenne said it helps her have more time with her family and friends. “The only problem is I do not have wifi at my house so I could not do the assignment, The teachers did not give us any time to do them in class either. I am glad I got to spend a few cold days cuddled up in my room instead of being at school though so i can not complain about that part.”