Midterms affected by NTID Days

Danielle Hughes, staff reporter

I myself think we should not, we missed so many days and it does not give us time to make up work and do more of like the ones teachers are assigning us. I am not in school functioning mode after that break since we had so many days off. In my algebra one class which is my second class of the day and I am usually still waking up at that time and my brain has not nearly sat to work, I had a test.

Lilly Fay Bass of freshman academy agrees. “I had so much fun in those few days off but I have forgotten all the work we did before we left due to weather conditions and I am most likely to have to take a few days to remember all of it, I am also in her algebra one class and i probably flunked that test, i did not get much sleep also so I was not really ready for it. I did not remember any of it and after we did the bellringer we went straight on to the test. We should have at least gotten a review or did a few or at least a couple of problems together so we could refresh it in to our brains. It is going to make my midterm look so bad.”

Skyler Balageen of freshman academy agrees with Lilly Bass of freshman academy. She is also in the algebra class. “I did not remember any of it at all, it was so hard and I am so exhausted.”