Rugby in high schools

Danielle Hughes, Staff reporter

I myself think we should offer a rugby team in high schools in america. Some people like rugby more than football. There fourth they should have one because then they could have a sport for everyone. Also the football team has a limited amount of players as does rugby but if you did not get into the football team they could play rugby instead. It could solve many problems like health issues and many many more. It could also help kids bond with a new group of people and make friends. Maybe it makes a kid feel like they belong somewhere or it could help with team work and giving kids something athletic and fun to do outside of school if they are not interested in the sports our american high schools have to offer. We should at least consider it. The board needs to think about it at least.

Lilly Fay Bass of freshman academy agrees with me,” I am not to interested in football but i love watching people play rugby. I think it would be cool if we had a rugby team at our school, even if its just our school split in half to have two teams and playing against each other, although it would be even cooler if all schools in our district or in america had a rugby team.”

Skyler Balageen of freshman academy agrees with us also. “I love rugby so much but they do not have it in america so we can not go see it live or play it ourselves.”