Advice For Students

Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

Before high school, students are always told certain things about it.  These statements do not always turn out to be true, especially as years progress.

Over the years, students have learned different lessons, not necessarily during class.

“The most important thing I’ve learned is to not care what other people think of you.” said junior Allie Adkins. “People try and force their opinions onto you, and you need to stay away from that”

For more musically oriented people, there are other skills to have.

“Learning to play multiple instruments was very important to me,” said senior Maddie Sansom. “Especially since I want to become a professional musician.”

Some students also had some misconceptions about high school prior to arriving.

“I definitely expected cliques to be a bigger thing then they are.” said Adkins.  “Everyone seems to talk with everyone else though, and nobody stays in a set group.”

For other people, it was about the difficulty level of high school.

“I definitely believed high school would be a lot harder than middle school.” said Sansom.

The advice teachers give about high school changed for some students.

“I don’t believe the information middle school teachers give about high school is accurate,” said Adkins. “High school isn’t nearly as hard as it’s made out to be in middle school.”

Some believe that school does not have to be entirely work, however.

“My advice for future students,” said Adkins “Is to try and have fun during high school.  Don’t over work yourself.”

Others believe that high school is only challenging if you make it hard.

“High school is only challenging if you make it hard for yourself.” said Sansom. “Just make sure you do your work on time and you shouldn’t have any trouble getting through high school.