NTID Snow Days Good for Students?

NTID Snow Days Good for Students?

Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

Snow days are a great part of the school year, because no school and students and teachers don’t have any thing to do over the coarse of the snow day or break that may occur when it snows.

But now there are assignments that have to be done on the days that students have off due to weather or any other reason that can occur that can lead to school cancellations. Most of the assignments are posted/put online for the students to do but what would happen if a student or a group of students, maybe even half of the students at school cannot find a way to get online to access and do them.

They would not be able to do them and that could lead to their grade dropping in that specific class or classes unless the assignment is due sometime later on then the students can ask a/the teacher about it or get on a computer and access it at school. This is a bad thing that can happen to students but is also a chance for those students who are shy to ask about it and any other work along with the NTID assignments.

“I don’t like it because like me some students don’t always have access to a computer or any other device used to do them.” Eighth-Grader Ethan Nelson. “I believe that they should do away with all of the online assignments and go back to paper assignments so that way everyone can do them without a problem.

But for those that do have access to a computer or other device to do the work on don’t need to worry about their grades or anything of the sort so it’s good for those students. All and all it can be both good and bad for students when it comes to assignments online due to what the students have access to.