1900s-1960s Women’s Clothes

1900s-1960s Womens Clothes

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

Women’s clothing and clothing in general is a large part of the era and/or decade and it changes so rapidly that it leaves us shocked and thrilled about what will be coming out and what is already and ever so slightly the fashion of the clothing changes and how different it changes over a decade.

Just imagine what it was like in the early nineteen hundreds when the style for women were mostly fitted floor length dresses with gloves and sometimes hats. The way that the style changed from floor length dresses to less form-fitted and more loosely made dresses in the 1910s. Then to shorter more frilly dresses with headbands and gloves in the roaring 1920s.

The way that it had changed from mostly short frilly dresses and headbands to more fancy, ball gown worthy, the 1930s is my favorite year over the clothing. Then it shifts to more pantsuit type dresses and long skirt outfits with blain colors and designs in the 1940s.

It then goes on to become between knee high and floor length in the 1950s which is my second favor year over the clothing. The style then changes to very full skirts, cinched waists and sloping shoulders which is one of my least favorite or maybe my least favorite out of all of the years/decades which is the 1950s.

The 1960s right at the end of the second world war when everyone’s income was at the highest the demand in the wardrobe department which brung out the mini-skirt with a bunch of different patterns and colors. The 1970s.