Dating in High School

Jenna Lemley, Reporter

Rule number one of dating in high school, do not do it.

It will save you the heartache I promise. Love is not real in high school no matter how bad you want. We are all way too young to put in that type of effort and completely understand it enough to make it work. A guy or a girl will break your heart in the blink of an eye. The reality of it is that we all just like the attention of a partner and the look of being in love at a young age. You have so much more life in store to be worried about someone you meet in high school who you most likely will not spend the rest of your life with, just like friendships. Finding a soulmate in high school is so rare now in the society we have. Although it inevitable that you will date but if you do guard your heart and yourself. Do not make someone who has the potential to disappoint you a priority. Don’t cut of friends because I promise you’ll need them once you’re heartbroken. Heartbreak can literally tear you down and destroy you more than you realize. If I could I would take it all back because no person is worth heartache like that.