ALC: Insider Edition

Zac Backus, Reporter

There is a room in the top left of the student center. Inside this room the walls are stripped bare, except for some signs displaying the strict rules and some motivational quotes. among one wall is posters covering up the windows, stopping whoever is inside from looking out. This is the Alternative Learning Classroom, also known as ALC, and that is where I currently am.

Most people are aware of ALC but few have actually experienced it. You break a rule and get caught and you are sentenced to one to three days of ALC. Some might go; “What actually happens in ALC?” The rules are pretty simple. Don’t talk, don’t sleep, and definitely don’t stop working. Break any of these can result in you getting sent to your principal for definite suspension.

ALC may seem like a very unfortunate place to end up, but if you are given ALC during a very busy time of the year, it can be a godsend. A whole day to just sit down and get to work, distraction free. Getting work done is so much easier in ALC. I’m not saying go do something dumb and get ALC, but if you do get it, use the time wisely.