Should Required Time At School Be Shortened?

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

We spend roughly eight hours at school a day. That means we spend forty hours at school a week and one hundred sixty a month. Each day we spend eight hours of required sleep. That leaves us with eight hours left of the day. Then it takes some of us a hour or more to get home so that leaves seven.

We then have to spend one to two hours on homework, sometimes more. That leaves us five hours left to do what we want. Take off another one to two hours for chores, sometimes more. Three hours left in our day. Subtract another hour or more for showering/bathing and getting ready for tomorrow like laying out clothes or your book bag. Two hours are left in our day then.

Some of us have to work or help babysit or many other things, that leaves barley any time for stuff that we like or need to do. School takes up so much time of our day then they send more work home with us, they should decrease it by an hour or two at least or stop sending home homework.

Freshman Lilly Fay Bass agrees with this. ” I spend so much time doing all my daily stuff then barley have enough for me or my family and friends. Sometimes it gets to stressful and can be really overwhelming and I’m filling up my weekends with stuff I need to get finished just because I don’t have enough time on the week days.”