Should They Bring Paddling Back Into Schools?

Danielle Hughes, Staff Reporter

If they brought paddling back into schools, everything would get worse. If that they brought paddling back there would always be that one or more then one of the teachers that over use or abuse that power. If that a kid slightly messed up or did something they did not like then they would instantly paddle them. Or that teacher that shows their favorites without hiding it and one of the students that is not one of their favorites mess up or they just want to pick on the kid then they would hit the kid just because. Teachers would abuse it.

Also some kids could get paddles broken on them and whelps, blisters and cuts all over their hands and they would still keep doing what they are doing without a care in the world. Or the student just eventually gets used to the pain and it would be a pointless waist of class time. We would be wasting time if we spent all day at school stopping class to paddle the kid in the back that always talks when a teacher is talking or smarts off or is just disrupting the class because you lose time every time you stop to paddle them and that time adds up, eventually when the time adds up you would have wasted a bunch 0f time that you could have spent teaching like they are supposed to be here to do.

Freshman Lilly Fay Bass agrees. “If they brought paddling back so much would go wrong. That one grouchy teacher would paddle kids all class period and we would never get anything finished in class.”