Time Between Class Expanded?


Damon Linville

Congested hallways can make it difficult to get around.

Morgan Nelson, Staff reporter

In schools all around the world, whether it’s in the united kingdom or in the united states there is time and/or breaks for some people between classes.

Some people don’t have the time to stop at their lockers and grab their books or even get to class on time due to other people in the way of them on the way to class.┬áSo some may think that the time should be expanded more for less absences and for the future suspensions and detentions.

“I think that there should time between classes so that way anyone (especially me) can use the bathroom and still make it to class on time.” Eighth-Grader Ethan Nelson. “I go to Barboursville middle school and I don’t have time to do anything besides go to class once I get out of my last one.”

“There should be more time after class so that way I can go to my locker and get my books and things, or go to the bathroom, and or anything else and then go to class.” Nelson. “If Cabell midland is anything like what Barboursville middle is then I guess I’ll be wearing a diaper because I am not holding it all day.”

“I am being one hundred percent serious about everything I have been saying and what I am saying right now.” Nelson “I believe in order for children, and/or teenagers to get a better start in school and to maybe be better focused instead of worrying if the teacher would let them go to the bathroom or have to wait until after the class or during the next class after that just to use the bathroom then the minutes between class needs to increased.”