Valentine’s Day Around the World

Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day or the feast of St. Valentine, is celebrated every year on February 14. It originally began as a western Christian feast celebrating two early saints named Valentinus. Here are a few countries other than America that have their own traditions for this special day.

1. Mexico

In Mexico Valentine’s Day is known as “Dia del amory la Amistad” which means the day of love and friendship. There are actually a lot of South American countries that celebrate this, such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico.

2. Japan

In Japan, there are actually two Valentine’s days. On February 14, girls give dark chocolate to the boys they like. On March 14, boys give cookies or white chocolate to the girls they like.

3. The Dominican Republic

Many people from this country say they play games with friends and family on Valentine’s day, one of them being “Angelito”. Dominicans rip pieces of paper and write the name of another person, either a boy or a girl. Then each person gives his or her “angelito” a present.

4. Spain

In Spain, only people who are in love exchange gifts. Friends and family don’t take part in this holiday.

5. Vietnam

In Vietnam, couples wear matching clothes for the entire day on Valentine’s!

These are just a few countries who celebrate this holiday differently than we do here in America. Everyone have a happy Valentine’s Day!