An Absent Soul


Ruth Brown, reporter

This is a poem I wrote. It may be dark at the beginning but read until the end.

An absent soul in the big world

No one to mind me

No one to think about me

So I cover up behind a mask

I pretend to be someone I’m not

I make a lot of friends like this

But none that is sincere

They look welcoming but I do not feel welcomed

No one knows how much a perjurer I really am

With the mask, I was soon one of them

Pretending to be someone

When I was a no one

Something more lies behind my mask

The grin covers my hatred

The brown eyes cover all the tears

The bright cheeks cover my tear stained ones

All the laughing covers all the sorrow

Everything you may think of me good

Is all a lie to cover up who I truly am

All that you see

Is a mask covering up how I really feel


I slowly wither away

But my mask keeps me going

I do not let those who bring me down

See my true self

Those who bring me down

Are the reason why I wear my mask


The acceptance lasted for a bit

Until a certain someone came along

Someone who really knew me

And truly cared for me

Someone I did not have to wear my mask around

I abandoned those false friends for this one

I knew I was protected then

When he took me in his arms

I figured then

I don’t need my mask